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Teemo Cell

Information on EasyCraft and Payments to EasyCraft

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  • EasyCraft and Mojang are separate entities.
Mojang AB is the company that owns Minecraft. Minetime is not Mojang AB. By making a payment to EasyCraft , you are not making a payment to Mojang or buying the EasyCraft game. Payments to EasyCraft are payments to a private Minecraft server that is not affiliated with Mojang. Because EasyCraft and Mojang have no affiliation, Mojang will not be able to offer you any support regarding EasyCraft or payments to EasyCraft .
  • Our profit goes to our team.
Payments to EasyCraft fund the costs associated with EasyCraft . Excess revenue that is not used to further expand and develop EasyCraft ultimately goes to the EasyCraft team.

I. Purchasing something from EasyCraft will enhance your experience on EasyCraft without damaging the experiences of others.
II. EasyCraft does not sell exclusive access to any part of its EasyCraft network. There are no exclusive lobbies or servers.

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